Business Plan
  • Artificial intelligence smart farm

All systems are controlled through high-tech ICT. It is possible for anyone to build a system in which harvests generated from wherever they are farming can come in a uniform way without major errors. Therefore, starting in Uzbekistan, artificial intelligence smart farms will spread from Central Asia to the rest of the world. Business operators will experience the amount of crop they have never seen before by incorporating optimal crop production processes everywhere through the big data we have built. Since premium crops are produced with superior functionality and more farm produce than traditional crops, consumers will be able to visually check and eat and drink 

superior products by attaching the component analysis table to the whole product through the national certification label.

Simply put, everything we breathe, drink and eat will heal us and this will be provided to consumers rationally and systemically.

  • Building Energy Infrastructure

Living in cities where infrastructure has not been built is very inconvenient. Water and sewage facilities, electric facilities, transportation facilities, and town gas facilities, which have become common in advanced countries, are the established living infrastructures that have never existed before. Among them, we get the main energy supply through electricity and gas. But, this is a finite resource not an infinite resource, and therefore costs are incurred when used. And if you think of a country that hasn't yet built infrastructure, the huge cost of gas and electricity running through every city is enormous, not just because of its appearance problems. We have presented a way to solve this problem in a permanent and eco-friendly. The energy-building system called "Stone Solar Heat," which was introduced above, is clearly different from conventional solar panels, and can be used permanently once installed. Also, no environmental pollutants are generated when energy is generated. As long as the sun exists, there is no cost. The innovation of energy production and supply.

  • Establishment of Agricultural Education Technology Center

The basic concept of a company is 'coexistence'. It is not just someone who lives well, but hopes for the 'coexistence' of the entire human race. Share and disseminate our advanced innovative technologies through the establishment of an agricultural education technology center in Uzbekistan. This will lead many to take over advanced farming methods and technologies so that they can carry out efficient farming.

  • Development of Smart City

This refers to an area with an optimal natural environment for healing. If the healing system is combined to select the most suitable area for healing and to take the best advantage of the area, the system operation with the best necessary requirements will be carried out. The reality is the absence of a healing system that cannot be supplied to those who want it. Demand is expanding to an infinite extent when newly developed and constructed. Since the business plan is tailored to the needs of the times that want healing, and the market survey results show that the demand class for the healing system is expanding and that the market is effective and has sufficient effect, we are actively marketing and planning the project. We want to give everyone the space they need, and the space that everyone needs. The healing system to relieve these thirsts and transform them into easy-to-access, fascinating parts of their lives to give them a physical and mental charge by place of rest.

Combining natural anion hydrogen generating devices and various treatment systems, natural anion hydrogen generating devices are connected to the Omega Natural Treatment Room instrument, which is set up as a complex treatment room, to prevent harmful parts or chronic fatigue caused by active oxygen and to detoxification, skin vitality and prevent aging. In addition to the natural remedy phytoncide in nature, the healing system will experience a new space for the subject through the eco-friendly facilities of the space healing system, which can restore the health of modern people exposed to various diseases by relieving accumulated fatigue in urban life, as a result of chronic fatigue.

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