Healing City

It offers food that has the best functionality and even can treatment for your body.

Our livestock feed plants that grow from our liquid fertilizers.

We will built primary industry training centre for local people to teach them all of this system.

Tourism, shopping and transportation will be built, and finally, we will establish a medical center

where oriental medicine and western medicine coexist to treat many people who are poor and sick.

  • Arboretum Establishment 

The establishment of an arboretum

Based on the productive capacity from H-Farm and the energy sources from the Solar Stone Heat, the representative plants from various country in the world are grown near the H-Farm Facility House. We can also grow tropical subtropical plants.

This 2,975,206㎡ of large scale of Healing Arboretum will become a cultural and tourist destination.

200 hectares of arboretum (plants from various country in the world, ecological park with each contry's specific plants)

  • Establishment of Healing Center 

- Constructing a system that grown into farming hub in Central Asia

- Exporting premium agricultural products to each country (Becoming a major exporter of agricultural products)

- Tourism revenue by becoming a tourist destination of agriculture in Central Asian countries

- Develop tourist attractions of medical and healing for people around the world.

- It can be a model for the formation of afforestation in some parts of desertification area of Uzbekistan, and a new development paradigm, such as how to utilize the farmland in Uzbekistan, can be opened to suggest the development of the entire country.

  • Establishment of Medical Center

Establishing autotherapy hopitals and advanced hospitals.

(1) Establish Western and Oriental hospitals with autotherapy healing systems (Hospital capable of accommodating more than 1,000 people at the same time)

(2) Establishing a hospital equipped with high-tech medical facilities with a healing system

(3) Operating hospital after transferring medical technology to doctors in Uzbekistan through exchanges with Korean medical team


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