Livestock Revolution

Depending on the natural environment of Uzbekistan, they put the livestock out to pasture.

Such desert climate of Uzbekistan is not enough to feed the livestock with abundant green grass.

SAM's advanced greenhouse horticulture system enables the production

and distribution of premium livestock by feeding high quality

clean grass and establishing outstanding systems.

  • Sprout cultivation facilities

high-quality grass is grown in a facility equipped with system and used as feed to livestock and produce high-quality livestock. 

Passing down SAM's systematize technology to Uzbekistan's farms and organizing facilities for raise livestock.

When the system is equipped with a 30㎡ size facility for sprout plant, it produces the same amount of systematically raised forage crops in 3 hectares of area in Uzbekistan. 

After 20 days of growing, they produce grass that can be fed to cattle and sheep.

  • Composition of livestock industry 

By passing down the facility construction and technology to local farmers in Uzbekistan to raise clean grass, we achieved the development of Uzbekistan's farming technology and standardization of improved technology.

Considering the characteristics of sheep, cattle, and chickens being raised as core livestock in Uzbekistan, we have developed the system of raising sheep, cattle, and chickens to improve productivity and quality.

  • The domestic market / Export

Passing down of facilities and technology to farmers and receive supplies from local companies in Uzbekistan and distribute them around the world (Advancement of distribution)

Chicken is the easiest food for the entire population but in Uzbekistan, they dependent many parts on imports now.

We plan to achieve a 100 percent self-sufficiency chicken and eggs rate in local market in Uzbekistan, hereafter sell a high-quality livestock product to Central Asia.

The byproduct of livestock is reprocessed and used as organic fertilizer, that makes a virtuous circulation of agriculture.

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