Problem Recognition

Thousands of companies are being established every day.

Under the theme of "The Development of Humanity," they pour

out numerous items and heat up for wealth accumulation.

Of course, they are making progress every day.

But suddenly I have a question.

For whom is the development of mankind?

For whom is the development of mankind?

what they said would be possible only in their imagination.

Yet, ironically, beyond the globe, children are dying every

six seconds, suffering from a lack of food and water.

In order to solve this problem,

charities try to rescue people with emergency aid and fundraising,

but the problem of hunger is not being solved.

Value Proposition

Sam Organization thought. 

First, we must achieve a world where no one dies of hunger.

Second, humans should live healthy as long as they live.

To solve the first problem, we've dramatically increased efficiency and innovative enhancements have been made to solve the second problem. 

SAM ORGANIZATION's system, which operates with high-tech ICT (blockchain, smartphones, big data, cloud services, Internet of Things, AI artificial intelligence, etc.) has enhanced and evolved it's secure over time.

Instead of money, food will be provided to those who starve, and those who eat contaminated water will be able to drink purified water and the number of people dying of hunger in Africa will decrease significantly and the life expectancy of the entire human race will rise drastically.


SAM Organization uses the keyword "coexistence" to create a 

world where everyone in the world doesn't hungry to death. 

We are resolve to create a world like this.

First of all, we put our people as our first priority and make 

management for them. Our dream is a coexistence world. 

And we have always dreamed about everyone being full of food, not 

just one. We will always be the company that never change our mind 

about people. Our first goal is to make management for people.

Second, we will risk our life for trust.

We think that trust is not something that we talk but something that 

should be gained. Based on the products with reliability and reliable 

policies, we will always strive to be an ensure internal stability, 

not a big, hollow company.

Lastly, we will take a step forward to create a world where no one 

is sick or starving. 

SAM Organization will donate 5% of its revenue from each month’s 

profit to UNICEF. Although it might be a small amount, we will take 

a step closer to share love and return your love to society. it's the 

reason why we think that SAM Organization's customers are wiser.

"Make a Beautiful World.", this is the dream of SAM Organization.

Vision and Objectives

The Sam Organization has broke the perception 

of the way humans used to produce food. The ideal

climate caused by global warming no longer has any effect

on us. Water purifiers and energy supplies are self-contained, 

producing high-quality food at least three times as much

as eight times the number of each item. The added

value generated by this has become a profitable structure

in many areas, and after establishing and securing

distribution networks through farm consulting, food is

rovided to hungry and underdeveloped areas.

We will be the only and best company to solve food

problems around the world.

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