Build big data on tomato crops that are currently grown with Sam's specialized technology.

In greenhouse horticulture facility, where a standardized system is established,

the plant expands its crops, including cucumbers and pumpkins, 

to produce premium crops that are the most efficient and highly productive 

  • Water molecular decomposition technique

The sterilization effect on E. coli and salmonella were compared to three types of Nano bubble-H(Healthy) and comparative water(water with air instead of oxygen and regular tap water).

107 bacteria were injected into 20mL of each test water, and the bacterial water was observed over time after the bacteria were cultivated

By injecting E. coli into Nano bubble-H, nano particles and tap water and observing the sterilization effect, we found that bacteria proliferate in tap water, while in Nano bubble-H and nano particles were 100% sterilized after 36 hours.

In case of Salmonella bacteria resulted in 99% sterilization in Nano bubble-H and nano particles after 6 hours, and 100% sterilization after 19 hours.

Far from it, we can break down to PICO units. PICO units represent 10-12 times. The radius of one isolated hydrogen atom is approximately 53pm(pico-meters). If the water of the decomposed pico molecules is caught in bubbles, it will have 1,000 times the effect of nano bubble.

If you measure the EC concentration of water suitable for farming, it is 0 to 0.5. Though, the place like desert climate and land areas as well as water with EC concentration of more than 0.7 are very unsuitable for farming.

With these quality water, no matter how good fertilizer, temperature, and the optimal light environment are provided, the emission will decrease, and the functionality of the crops will inevitably be very low in quality.

To solve this problem, farms that consulted by SAM ORGANIZATION may be used degraded water to farming and drinkable water.

  • Seed cultivate technique

-Cultivate among cruciferous crops(such as anticancer, anthocyanin, etc.) that have a high effect of pharmacological action.

-Research on new substances using the pharmacological action of chrysanthemum family and cultivation of crops to improve their function

-Cultivate an increase in texture and sugar content of the Cucurbitaceae crop and plant resistance crop from the roots.

-Development of highly efficient new materials for the improvement of soil function from blight, soil saltification because of the continuous cropping hazard.

-A study on the solanaceae crops to improve the taste and digns.

-The improvement of the culture medium capacity and the production of culture medium with the enhanced plant virus protection function for the nutrient solution culture.

-Manufacture of soil improvement agents suitable for crop cultivation.

-Technology research about nutrient solution culture and the manufacture of nutrient solution for 100% of nutrient solution culture, the production of control equipment for the removal and control of viruses for complete nutrient solution culture

  • Energy production

Stone solar heating and cooling using molecules(56hz) is a technology that enables heating and cooling with electricity of one-hundredth of the electricity used in conventional heating facilities, and produces heating, cooling and electricity withiout gas, electricity and fuel.

Application: Greenhouse, A cattle pen, Fish Farm, Bathroom and boiler facility, and industrial heating and cooling are all applied devices.

Cooling/Heating Fundament and Configuration

1. Hot-conducting piping is installed on stone heat plates and solar and heat collection temperatures maximise heat.

2. Highly efficient heating is possible at low temperatures in sunlight (temperature) and geothermal.

3. Installation of conductive piping on stone solar panels installed in the ground and on the ground.

4. Air conditioning is possible by circulating cold and low temperature water through a conductive pipe.

5. the production of electricity at the point of heating and cooling.

With one 900 ×1800 standard stone solar energy fusion panel, two tons of water rise from 35 ̊C to 48 °C in a short period of time.

In this installation, all external power is connected to a circulation pump (a small motor of a general household boiler) that can circulate water in a bucket to the "stone solar energy fusion panel."

With three sheets of 900 ×1800 standard stone solar energy fusion panel, two tons of water rise from 25 ̊C to 60°C.

It is a useful facility for heating in winter and cooling in midsummer.

1 sheet of 900 × 1800 size stone solar energy fusion pane with a ground-heated temperature of 18.6°C to and can maintain temperature of 48°C.

  • ICT (information comunication technology)

The characteristics of ICT (smart technology that goes into the grarden house facility) technology are controlled by AI(Artificial Intelligence) at the garden house facility . AI is slightly different from the existing smart farming technology method in terms of total management of heating, cooling, material management, utilities, facilities and plant conditions so that the garden house facility can operate smoothly.

To add a little bit more, the state information of man-managed plants is deployed in big data at the beginning, and based on the accumulated big data, AI is able to determine what conditions the plant must be prescribed to effectively grow, so that the nutrient and excretion of the plant can be raised to the maximum by taking the most effective prescription in the current state.

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